Pickaway County Place Names

The Pickaway County Historical Society presents Pickaway County Place Names: A Collection of Toponyms and Historic Maps of Pickaway County, Ohio, written by Terry L. Frazier.

Pickaway County will soon celebrate its bi­centennial. Anniversary events offer an opportunity to reflect on a community's history. Toponyms, or place names, offer some insight to the early cultur­al landscape of the county. This book is a collection of Pickaway County historic place names, and of supporting maps and plats. Genealogists, students of local history, and those interested in a glimpse of our cultural landscape should find value in these pages. Most of the maps were discovered in the records of the Pickaway County Engineer, Recorder and Board of Commissioners, or are main­tained by the Pickaway County Historical Society's Historical and Genealogical Library.
Though not intended as an atlas or history of the county, this book is an introduction to place names in early Pickaway County. This 8.5" x 11" companion book to the Pickaway County, Ohio History mid Families contains 128 pages of local maps and place names printed on high quality matte, acid-free paper for superi­or reproduction and durability. Available for only $35.00, this unique edition will enhance your local history collection and be treasured for a lifetime. Be a keeper of history and order your copy today!