Tax Records

These tax records were copied from original ledgers found in the Auditor of State of Ohio. Variations in handwriting and in the spelling of proper names are always to be found in these early records, making transcription very difficult and not uniformly accurate.

Aadly, Simon
Abrahams, Raehl
Adamson, Isaac
Aedges, Mary
Alkire, George
Alkire, Isaac
Alkire, John
Alkire, Michael
Alkire, Robert
Anderson, Abraham
Anderson, Bethuel
Anderson, James Jr.
Anderson, John
Anderson, Joseph
Anderson, William
Apple, Peter
Argo, Alexander
Armstrong, John
Arnold, Andrew
Aters, George Sr.
Aters, Jacob
Aticheson, Phildon
Bailey, B. Wm.
Bailey, James
Baker, Joseph Sr.
Baker, Purnell
Baker, William
Barnabas, Lambert
Barns, John
Barr, Thomas
Bartley, Christopher
Baucher, Anthony
Bell, James
Bennett, William
Berry, Alexander
Berry, Jacob
Bishop, Henry
Bobst, George
Bogard, Ezekiel
Bogard, George
Bogard, Joshua
Boger, ---
Boggs, David
Boggs, John Jr.
Boggs, John Sr.
Boggs, Sera
Boots, Martin
Bowman & Regent
Bowman & Reger
Bradshaw, Robert
Briner, Andrew
Brinker, George
Brown, Coonrad
Brundige, Thomas
Burns, John
Buskirk, John Jr.
Buskirk, Peter
Cade, Isaac
Campbell, William
Carr, Robert
Champ, William
Chaney, James
Chepman, John
Cherry, Andrew
Cherry, Phillip
Cole, Shadrick
Colvin, Moses
Cook, John
Cook, Walker
Coonrad, Adam
Coonrad, Moots
Coonrad, Woolery Sr.
Cox, Benjamin
Crab, Edward
Crabb, Jeremiah
Crabb, Ralph
Crabb, Thomas
Craig, Jonathan
Craig, William
Creaton, Hugh
Crist, Abraham
Crow, Thomas
Cumley, John
Davidson, Edward
Davis, Enos
Davis, James
Davis, Jared
Davis, Jesse
Decker, Luke
Demand, Isaac
Denny, David
Denny, James
Denny, John
Denny, Samuel
Denny, William
Donaldson, Moses
Dornport, S. Anthony
Drisback, Daniel
Drisback, Henry
Drisback, John
Drum, John
Drury, William
Duncan, Benjamin
Dunkle, George
Dunkle, John
Ealey, John
Edward, Samuel
Emitt, John
Emmerson, Thomas Sr.
Endsworth, Andrew
Evans, Caleb
Ewing, William
Fauver, Phillip
Fitzjarrald, Edward
Fleming, John
Fogeler, Christian
Foraizer, James
Foregeson, Mathew
Forsman, Hugh
Fowler, Samuel
Fraizer, James
Frane, Nathen
Frayser, Alexander
Friback & Loveborrow
Funk, Jacoib
Gaskins, Caleb
Gauger, Nicholas
Gay, John Jr.
Gay, John Sr.
Gay, William
Geager, Jacob
Geazer, Jacob
Gehn, John
Gibson, George
Gilliland, Samuel Sr.
Glaze, George
Glaze, Thomas
Green, Jacob
Greham, Jared
Hadley, Simon
Hager, John
Hagerman, Abraham
Hall, Anthony
Hall, Joseph
Haller, Henry
Harber, John
Harssey, Stephen
Haver, Jacob
Hayes, Levi
Hedges, Mary
Hefner, Abraham
Helm & Saylor
Hemphill, Johnston
Herman, John
Hill, Samuel
Hittler, George
Hobbs, Joshua
Holderman, Christopher
Hopkins, Samuel
Hopkins, William
Hornback, George
Hornback, Isaac
Hornback, John
Hornback, Simon
Hosteter, Henry
Huffhines, Josephine
Huffman, Joseph
Hugh, Jacob
Hurberd, John
Huston, Henry
James, Benjamin
Jamison, George
Jamison, Jacob
Jones, Isaac
Jones, Purmele
Justice, Aquiller
Keffer, Valentine
Kelley, James
Kelly, Joseph
Kent, Jesse
Kepner, Benjamin
Kerne, A.
Killwell, Alex.
King, William
Kline, Coonrad
Knowles, Epham
Kriffeth, John
Kulbeson, Davis
Lambert, Barnabas
Lambert, Isaac
Lane, Joseph
Lewis, Tilman
List, Andrew Sr.
Litter, Elisha
Long, James
Long, Peter
Loveborrow & Friback
Loveborrow, John W.
Lowther, George
Lowther, Uriah
Ludwig, Daniel
Lutz, Jacob
Lutz, John
Lytle, Andrew
Madden, Jonathan
Mann, John
Mantle, John
Markle, W.
Marquis, William
Martin, James
Martin, John
Mathias, Henry
Mauser, Peter
May, John
Mayer, William
McCollister, John
McCutcheon, John
McFadin, John
McFarlen, Jesse
McFarlen, John F.
McHenry, Isaac
McKenny, John
McKune, Joseph
McNeal, Elison
McNeal, Johh
McNeal, Thomas
Meek, Bayel
Menery, Hugh
Miller, Nicholas
Miller, Peter
Miller, West
Miller, William
Mills, Prichard
Mitts, John
Moar, Fergus
Moats, Philip
Monnett, Anna
Monnett, William
Morehead, Samuel
Morris & Waddle
Morris, Benjamin
Morris, Ezekiel
Morris, Jane
Morris, Jesse
Morris, John
Morris, Joseph Sr.
Morris, Richard
Morris, Richard Sr.
Morris, Samuel
Myers, William
Nebeker, Lucas J.
Neville & Rush
Neville, Henry
Newhouse, Isaac
Nice, Jacob
Oxford, John
Pancost, Isaiah
Penneger, John
Petty, Ebenezer
Petty, Joseph
Petty, Joseph Jr.
Phebus, George
Phebus, Samuel
Philips, James
Pontious, George
Powel, Abel
Prewith, Byrd
Pritchard, Edward
Propst, Leonard
Puntious, Benjamin
Puntious, Coonrad
Puntious, George Jr.
Puntious, George Sr.
Ratleph, Benjamin
Rawls, John
Ray, George
Rector, Edward
Rector, Josiah
Reed, George
Reed, John
Reed, Nehemiah
Reeder, Henry
Regent & Bowman
Reger & Bowman
Reger, John
Renick, John
Renick, Jonathan
Renick, S.
Renick, Thomas
Richelderfer, Christian
Richelderfer, Henry
Richelderfer, John
Richelderfer, John Jr.
Richelderfer, John Sr.
Right, John
Roads, George
Robeson, John
Robeson, Woolsey
Rodgers, William
Roist, William
Roland, Michael
Rolans, Nathan
Rush, Henry
Rush, Henry Sr.
Rush, John
Rush, William
Sample, John
Saylor, Elizabedth
Saylot & Holm
Scott, John
Scott, Moses
Seals, James
Sears, Samuel
Seeds, Robert
Seymore, William
Sharp, John
Shaw, Hugh
Shaw, John
Shelby, David
Shelton, Clough
Shepard, John
Shepard, John Jr.
Shoemaker, Jacob
Shoemaker, John
Short, James
Shoup, Jacob
Smith, Clay
Smith, Jeremiah
Smith, Philip
Smith, Samuel
Snodgrass, Sara
Snyder, Isaac
Spangler, George
Spangler, Jacob
Steen, Jolhn
Stingley, Jacob Sr.
Straus, David
Strear, Adam
Stump, Jacob
Stump, William
Sullivan, Aaron
Tallman, William
Tanner, Coatmy
Tanner, Peter
Taylor, George
Teuebaugh, John
Thomas, David
Thomas, Jeremiah
Thomas, John
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Sam
Thompson, John
Thompson, Thomas
Tiffin, Henry
Timmons, John
Tiner & Valentine
Tipton, Thomas
Todd, John Jr.
Todd, John Sr.
Todd, Samuel Jr.
Todd, Samuel Sr.
Trullinger, Daniel
Valentine & Tiner
Valentine, Henry
Valentine, John
Vance, George
Vanmeeter, Isaac
Waddle & Morris
Waddle, James
Waggoner, Jacob
Walker, William
Ward, William
Warner, Isaac
Watt, Samuel
Weastler, Henry
Weaver, Anthony
Weaver, Michael
West, George
Whitsel, Daniel
Wickson, Barbara
Wiedner, Jacob
Wilker, William
Will, Geoge
Willets, Isaac
Willets, Samuel
Willets, William
Williams, Edward
Williams, John
Williamson, Wm.
Willum, Samuel
Wilson, James
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Samuel
Wilton, Uri
Witobalin, George
Wittenmyer, John
Wolfe, Philip
Wollery, Sara
Woodraugh, John
Woods, Samuel
Woof, Hanna
Yates, David
Zeager, Fred'k
Zeager, Jacob Jr.
Zeager, Jacob Sr.
Zeager, Philip
Zimmer, George