Special Events DVDs for Sale

All DVDs are $5.00 + $0.36 tax + $3.00 S&H. ($8.36 total)

History & Hobby of Collecting Old License Plates by Jack Mader

Darlene Weaver will present "Our Post Offices" showing locations of Pickaway Post Offices, postmarks and history-----
Paul Mayberry - "Busy Bodies" This program deals with body snatching and the program filmed at the library with Wesley Cohen of the History Channel-----
Lynn Kraus: "Moffit Pioneer in Television" Lynn will tell us about grandfather and early television-----
Ohio: Its Harmonious Diversity by Wally Higgins-
John Demjen: Reenactment "Life of a Militia Man"-----
Karen Parker: "CSX Railroad History"-----
Darlene Weaver: "Understanding our Card Catalog"-----
Bob Johnson: "My Grandfather's Newspapers"---
Panel of 3 Researchers; Answering Research Questions from the Audience-----
Wayne Malott: "Circleville Fires"-----
Collecting Letterheads-----
Ken Speakman: Indian Artifacts-----
Kevin Prickett: Town of Kingston-----
Dr. John Ellis: Coroner's Office-----
Joyce Gifford: Recorder's Office-----
Elaine Cook: Heisey Glass-----
Mike Seymour: Town of Adelphi-----
Rick Hartinger: Pickaway County Murders-----
Charlie Weaver: Picway Power Plant-----
Chuck Wellman: Cemetery Restoration-----
Jack Mader: Interurban Update-----
Christmas Open House-----
More Cemetery Restoration-----
Indian Relics-----
Slate Run Farm-----
Ohio & Erie Canal-----
Civil War by Steve Jackson-----
Fry Cemetery-----
St. Philip’s Church-----
Open House at Library-----
Circleville Cable TV (government programming) by Sid Liming-----
A Hero Comes Home - Return of body of WWII soldier Wm. Pile - narrated by Carolyn Weigand-----
Canal Boats by Steve Spicer-----
Ohio Militia by Joe Forte and Members of Ohio Company Militia-----
Highway Patrol history by Gary Montgomery & Fred Summers-----
Zion Cemetery by Dr. Mike Geron-----
SAR Membership by Rick Hartinger-----
Salt Creek Township by Bob Bower-----
Ashville Home News by Steve St.Martin-----
Mader Funeral Home by Jack Mader-----
MAROSCHER STORY by Gerhard Maroscher-----
FAIRGROUNDS by Brian Stewart-----
Program on the PICKAWAY COUNTY HISTORICAL MUSEUM by Jane Shaw-----
Are you in your right brain or left brain? Discover how you learn by David Beavers-----
GUNSMITHING by Steve Spicer and Joe Forte---
SCRAPBOOKING in GENEALOGY by Sandy Crissinger-----
FIRES and ARSON by Kevin Driesbach-----
SONS of AMERICAN REVOLUTION by Rick Hartinger-----
BEGINNING GENEALOGY by Darlene Weaver----
JACKSON TOWNSHIP by Linda Thompson-----